Unconditional Love is Winning!

Unconditional Love is Winning!

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

No matter what you are reading or watching in the media today,

Love is winning!

No matter what any State law tells you,
the Unconditional love God has for women is winning!

and this love is winning the hearts of women…
through the unplanned pregnancy!

Through a BABY!

Right now I am at the women’s center
remembering a
Valentine’s event we had for women who chose life instead of abortion.

When we asked women who were pregnant when they first experienced unconditional love, this is what they said:

A woman named Kara said, “The first time I felt my baby kick in my womb I felt loved”

Another woman name Jenny said,

 “The first time I came to this Women’s Center and didn’t feel judged or alone anymore… I felt loved”

And a woman named Linda said, “When my baby smiled at me for the first time… I felt loved”

It’s amazing!

Over and over again the unplanned pregnancy is
God’s plan for a women to experience the
JOY of unconditional love!

Radical, Reckless, LOVE!

The Baby is a Blessing!

Pass it on –

Love is Winning!

Marie Joseph

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