Confessions – Abortion is the Only Logical Choice

October 6, 2017
Marie Joseph

The Abortion Minded – Confessions of a CPC Director
Confessions of the Abortion Mind (or Minded) “Abortion is the Only Logical Choice”

Greetings to all and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ.  I wanted to write to you about some of the time I’ve spent over the past few months in the counseling room with abortion minded women and men.  I’ve been most affected by one theme that came up many times among young couples.  There make up… in their twenties, white, un married, living together, just starting out in life.  The young gentlemen accompanying their girlfriends.  Slightly different stories yet… their reason for abortion the same
… We have thought a lot about this… we are not just coming in without thinking first… we know this is a big decision and we have thought about it and… we know that abortion is wrong – morally --- but it is the ONLY LOGICAL thing to do.  How does a person come to the conclusion that abortion is logical?

These are children of the culture of death.  No religious background but consider themselves good people.  Wouldn’t hurt or harm their pets, yet don’t see this act of killing their unborn as the same thing.  One gentleman commented, When offered adoption the response is a horrified “I’m not going to do that to my baby!” When asked if death for his baby would be a better option the answer was… the baby doesn’t have a heart beat yet… right?  What is the matter?

It is a matter of the mind.  What is the block to truth? Their minds.

This is clearly a case of misuse of the gift of intellect.  God gave every human person an intellect and that is where he ministers to us and directs us to truth.  Faith and Reason.

The gift of faith is a submission of the intellect to the Divine God. Then He reveals himself to us through faith and reason. God communes with us and shares truth through our human faculties … our intellect.  A desire comes from the will and then the intellect works together with the will to figure out the plan to make it happen. The true crisis is what Catherine calls “Arrogance of intellect”  a mind that is in darkness cannot now truth and cannot be open to God’s grace and light.
Catherine talks about the intellect entering into the heart – these women and men are not thinking with their hearts.  They have shut their hearts off –

St. Peter said guard the loins of your mind.

We must pray that their minds will be open and converted by the Grace of God.

We must pray for increased  faith.  With faith the size of a mustard seed miracles can happen.  Pray for conversion of the mind. And a unity of mind and heart.  I can remember my final words to one gentleman… To listen to your heart.  With mind and heart together if you think it feels wrong don’t go through with it.  This is the crisis – the heart is disordered and demanding the mind to think a certain way.  We need to form consciences and transform minds.  How be an example of consistency in conscience and Christ in the world.

Abuse of the gift of intellect. One of the women asked to see a picture of her unborn baby’s development.  Only letting herself feel for a little bit quickly moved back into logic.  Logic is reason – common sense – judgment – sense.

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