What’s the verdict today?

April 18, 2019
Legacy of Life

“With loud shouts, however,

they persisted in calling for his crucifixion,

and their voices prevailed.

The verdict of Pilate was that their demand should be granted.”

What’s the verdict today?


Dear Friends,


History repeats itself.

We see it happen all the time, and the same stories are retold in a different world and social context.

The story we see being replayed in our country now is the clamoring of the crowds for the death of the innocent babies.

And the verdict of the government…. Giving in to their demands…

Calling for abortion during all stages of the unborn baby’s life!

We will read in the Passion narrative how the crowds cried out for the death of Jesus. He made them uncomfortable.

He called for their conversion.

He preached repentance and forgiveness of sins.

They deafened his message with their shouts of “Crucify Him!”

In our nation, we see the crowds still clamoring for the death of the innocent ...

- the death of children, both in and outside the womb.

When the pregnancy is unplanned...these children are “inconvenient” and it can be overwhelming to imagine how it will all work out!

But God has a plan!  The baby is a blessing!

The baby is God’s calling us to selflessness. He calls us to responsibility.

To respond to His love!

The baby’s very existence calls us to an unconditional love that would never be experienced if not for this baby’s life!

But this truth makes many uneasy, and so our society is shouting that these babies must die.

As the crowds call for Jesus to die, Pilot caves to their demands. Just as abortion giants call for fewer restrictions, the government caves as well!

However, while their voices seem to prevail in the courtroom…

There is a different voice being heard in the Women’s Centers funded by the Legacy of Life Foundation!

There are women, pregnant mothers,  who are led with compassion every day to see the true beauty of tiny and precious life alive in their womb at our centers!

The silent image of their baby on the ultrasound screen is the boldest witness to life, drowning out all the voices of bitterness, fear, or anger surrounding them.

May the silent majority speak out and the voices of death be drowned out by the cries of new life!


God bless,

-Marie Joseph

Executive Director, Legacy of Life Foundation

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