April 12, 2019
Legacy of Life

Dear Friends,

This past Sunday I am thinking of a girl named Carolyn...

She and her boyfriend were at in their Junior year at Villanova.

They came to our center because they had an unplanned pregnancy and were looking to get an abortion.  They needed an ultrasound then they were heading to Washington DC for fall break to pay $13,000 for a late term abortion.

They were young and scared.

Carolyn was going to get the procedure done and was not going to tell her family at all!

Her came from a very Catholic family - she was one of eight children!

She was so afraid of being cut off and judged.

She said, “ If I tell my family they’ll kill me!  They are SO CATHOLIC!

They’ll also take me out of Villanova.”

She was definitely afraid of being condemned - by her own family!

The Fear was paralyzing!

Sadly, this is how so many pregnant mothers feel and how so many people think of those who want to defend the sanctity of human life!

This past Sunday, Jesus speaks to the woman caught in adultery. According to the law, she should have been killed! But Jesus showed another way.

He was not dealing punishment for what she had done, but showering her with Mercy for what he knew she was able to do -

“Go, and sin no more” - he makes her a new creation!

Carolyn was encouraged at our center to go and tell her family!  We let her know that while they might be shocked and upset at first - if they are truly pro life they would find a way to support her!  We also shared the horror of a late term abortion and how it could hurt her body, mind and spirit… and how the baby would suffer from the pain!

Carolyn received the grace to tell her family and to her surprise the family rallied!

She and her boyfriend were able to have the baby and the family took care of the baby while Carolyn finished her studies.  She delivered during Christmas break so most people did not know.

When they graduated Carolyn and her boyfriend married and she posted on facebook a beautiful photo of her whole family with their beautiful baby girl who was the light of their lives!

Their baby girl was now close to two years old and they were to live as a happy family embracing their parenthood!

God’s creativity is so beautiful in working out the toughest of situations for the good!


The world needs to know that the care and support we provide to these troubled pregnant mothers like Carolyn is true compassion.

Love is meant to create, not destroy, judge, or abandon.

As we cherish the beauty of Spring, pray the pregnant mothers who come to our centers learn to cherish the beauty of life!

God bless you,

Marie Joseph

Executive Director, Legacy of Life Foundation

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