Some Kind of LIGHT!

February 11, 2020
Legacy of Life

In the Gospel of Matthew 5:13 this Sunday, we heard Jesus say that "YOU are the light of the world"!  So what are you supposed to do with this light?
Jesus goes on to say that this light, "... gives light to all in the house" and "Your light must shine before others." This really made me think of the women who come to the Women's Centers in complete darkness, seeking an abortion.
Especially a woman named Marsha.  She had had past abortions and was about to have another one... But as she spoke to one of our advocates, she says that she saw some kind of LIGHT!
It always amazes me that the light can go off inside of us when we hear the truth -- When God reveals Himself to us in His Word and through others when they speak truth! The LIGHT is Jesus and for Marsha He was shining through our advocate!  Marsha found hope and chose LIFE that day - and had her beautiful baby.
350 women this past year chose LIFE!  They saw some kind of light that they had not seen before when they were planning to abort their babies.  360 of those children have the light of LIFE now.
Thank you to everyone who shines their light at the women's centers! Your prayers and sacrifices both financially and with your time continue bless many many families!
Please take a few minutes to watch Marsha's testimony from darkness into light!

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Save a LIFE and change a family forever.

Abortion is not a choice. Our centers exist to show mothers with unplanned pregnancies that there is a way. There is hope. There is a choice for love.


When a woman is faced with an unplanned pregnancy, she is in crisis. She is alone. She does not think abortion is her right - she thinks abortion is her only choice. We are here to break the cycle, to give her the freedom to make a free choice for life and to help her be the mother she was created to be

No One To Turn To

Marsha had a very troubled childhood. Her parents were separated when she was young because of her mother’s drug addiction. Her father took her away from that toxic environment to raise her in the best way he knew how.

Forced Into Abortion

When Lexus was just 16 years old her mother forced her to get an abortion. Lexus was raised to believe that you have an abortion when you have an unplanned pregnancy.

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