What if Thomas had an ultrasound?

April 27, 2019
Marie Joseph


What if Thomas had an ultrasound?


We all like proof. As they say, “seeing is believing”


We read about Thomas’ struggle with this in the scriptures today, and I cannot help but reflect on the very real experience we all have with this issue. When we are in doubt, we would like the proof of our own eyes to dispel those doubts.


So many of the mothers who come into our centers carry doubts with them. Some doubt they are pregnant, they doubt they could ever be good mothers, some even doubt the baby is a human person! They need the proof. They need to see it with their own eyes.


I thank God for the support you provide so that we are able to provide ultrasound services at our centers to help dispel the doubts they have about their child! It reminds me of a woman named Renee who recently came into our center, convinced she needed to get an abortion. She heard so many voices from all around her saying “it” was just a clump of cells, “it” wouldn’t feel anything, “it” didn't have a heartbeat yet…


When she found out we provided her with true abortion information, she almost walked out on us! Just like the disciples in the upper room, the doors of her heart were locked tight out of fear.


When we offered her a same day ultrasound, she was able to see her baby boy - and that he was very much alive!


Just as Thomas looked on our risen Lord and saw his wounds and then proclaimed “My Lord and My God!” Renee saw her baby alive on the ultrasound screen and said, with tears in her eyes -


“This baby boy is a blessing!”


Thank God for the curious human heart! It is a gift to believe without sight, but it is a blessing to see and believe!  


May we all be given the gift of belief, that one day we may behold with our eyes what we profess with our hearts. Let us pray for the mothers who are weighed down by doubts, that God’s grace and mercy may touch their lives so they can see and believe in the beauty of life and the beauty in themselves.



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